• To the Other Side

    As you stand by the water’s edge you look across the lake to the other side where the sinking sun’s rays cast the shrubs and trees into a purple haze.

    It has been a beautiful day and now the evening draws in. A murmuration of starlings has just swooped over the lake and flown to find refuge in the taller trees in…

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  • Scape in gold and Teal

    'Scape in Gold and Teal' is one of two paintings painted in response to beautiful Autumn skies over the sea.

    The beautiful juxtaposition of the golden sky beside the teal and green sea is striking.

    The painting explores abstract qualities of colour against colour- with a hint of a narrative with the odd hint of a…

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  • Mist Walk

    Painted after a walk in the country when all the plant stalks were frosted with ice crystals.

    Framed size: 26 cm x 26 cm x 3 cm

    Unframed size : 15 cm x 15 cm x 2 cm

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  • Stormy sky

    A moody, atmospheric seascape with light shining through a heavy sky.

    A rocky cove with the sea pouring in and the waves have lilac and turquoise glints.

    This was worked up in my studio from sketches made in-situ.

    Acrylics on board.

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  • Returning

    Mixed media and collage on heavy paper. This work is mounted and can be framed to your choice.

    It was inspired, as much of my work, by the small working harbours around Cornwall's coast.

    There are both daily working activity and signs of an even busier past.

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  • Estuary

    Please allow 10 working days for Maggie Cochrans art to arrive.

    Hayle estuary at low tide

    Oil on board framed in white.

    Unframed size; 44 cm x 29 cm x 0.5 cm

    Framed size: 54 cm x 38 cm x 2 cm

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