Cornish Artists

Shelly Cook

My paintings are inspired by the texture and details of life around me, the broken, lost and forgotten, the rusting object, bark of a tree, striations of rock, wrinkles of skin.

Shelly's work has been exhibited locally and online over the years and has recently been a contributing artist in the book ‘Women Inspiring Quotes and Artistic Responses’. Some of her paintings are also featured in the Edition 3 of ‘The FLUX Review’ art, culture and world exploration magazine.

Sara Owen

Sara Owen's paintings are carriers of sensation and containers of feelings and emotions in response to landscapes experienced, relationships with people, events and things seen.

Sharon Bruster

Living and working in St Mawgan, Sharon Bruster creates mixed media paintings inspired by the coast, in particular those spaces where water and land meet. Her evocative and expressive paintings are often layered and textured and invite the viewer in.

Graham Black

Abstract images of the rocks and pebbles discovered on his daily walks, surfs and bike rides around Land’s End are a major influence, as are the twisted, distorted Monterey pine trees that inform his Japanese-woodblock-inspired prints.


‘A painting usually begins from a memory of the place or a moment. Sometimes just looking at the sky can trigger an idea or a feeling I want to record in paint. The work comes very much from within.

Robin Martin

Full of the enthusiasm and intensity Robin has for his art, his paintings perfectly capture the vibrant transient atmospheres created when natures organic forces combine to produce the staggeringly and breathtakingly scenery of our beautiful Cornwall.

Matt Keeble

His limited edition fine art prints will look beautiful in any home.  Printed on the finest paper and custom framed in Cornwall.

Maggie Cochran

Maggie is fascinated by the tracks and marks left behind as the sea goes out, and how the light reflects off the wet sand. She also enjoys watching the constantly changing sky and sea and bringing a sense of the weather into her paintings.

Lyndsey Vowell

Surrounded by the natural beauty of the Cornish coastline, Lyndsey uses her contemporary style to capture and create paintings that are unique and inspiring. Born and raised in Cornwall, Lyndsey now lives in the stunning seaside town of Falmouth where the ever changing light, sky and sea ignites her passion for painting.

Abi Wason

Painting simply brings me into the present moment. It’s utterly joyful. It’s playful. I paint because being creative for me is essential. It connects me to the world. It’s a vehicle for channeling my thoughts, my musings and emotions.

Victoria Gillow

Victoria Gillow is a Cornish painter who’s practice is informed by a lifetime of looking and belonging. Her Cornish heritage and love of the land and sea has informed a practice of landscape and coastal paintings- generating work mainly on site-en plain air.

Christine Brunnock

Christine was raised in St Ives, Cornwall, where she is currently based. She finds the coastline to be a powerful inspiration, feeding her fascination with how the natural elements interact with each other, the ocean's relationship with land.

Jackie Hollingsbee

Living abroad for several years necessitated career breaks from nursing but continued to facilitate her love of painting and pottery. On return, intially to West Cornwall, Jackie studied at the St Ives School of Painting, followed by St Ives Art Club and became a full time artist, working at Penzance and Newlyn Schools of painting and selling her work in several galleries throughout Cornwall.

Zaya Gilchrist

Zaya's current practice infuses art with craft, using traditional knotting techniques and natural materials. The technique of tying knots dates back thousands of years. Zaya believes the longevity of craft practices can, in part, be nurtured by finding innovative ways of using them, helping to keep them relevant.