Victoria Gillow

Victoria Gillow is a Cornish painter who’s practice is informed a lifetime of looking and belonging. Her Cornish heritage and love of the land and sea has informed a practice of landscape and coastal paintings- generating work mainly on site-en plain air.

She loves the transience of time and weather. Revisiting spaces time and time over, but never quite seeing the same- a unique response in paint to how she sees and feels on the day.

She is interested in well-trodden paths and how the essence of a place is not just the physical and the energy of space, time and weather, but also in the past, its history and the true sense of who has dwelled in these spaces.

Painting on site, around our lovely Cornish coast, helps her to connect with this.

“This year has been very reflective and I am now really grounded in the sense of who I am. From the ground up- my paintings are a part of me physically connecting with ‘my’ space.” Victoria Gillow

Victoria, has worked extensively within the arts, as a fine art painter, illustrator, teacher and within Community engagement.

She has a BA (hons) in fine art, a PGCE and MA and is passionate about helping people engage in art and creativity. She has painted murals and created mosaic in parks, gardens, hospitals and schools.  Of note, is a wonderful Dock Mural at Falmouth Docks that covered 18 meters of wall, Kimberley Park playground Automaton project and mosaic and this year a Mayflower Garden and mosaic funded by Plymouth Sparks.  Her work is also used in film and is currently featured on German television as the work of a Cornish artist in the dramatization of a story about a painter. She exhibits throughout Cornwall and has written and illustrated a book for The Falmouth Art Gallery