Sally Jones

Sally’s work has been described as figurative and traditional.

Working principally in charcoal, pastel or oil paint, Sally’s artwork reflect her wide ranging interests in terms of subject matter; lighting is a particularly significant influencing factor in her choice of subject material.  ‘Hopefully I can find something I can add to the conversation when I select a subject to paint.

‘None of us sees the world the same way, interprets or understands it the same way, so it is a special joy to find my art resonating with somebody. To me, that’s what it’s all about: communication and sharing what I see.’

Sally’s paintings, usually oils on stretched canvas or linen, tend to be by building up the image in layers of paint, possibly with a tonal underpainting if she feels there is a good contrast in the information she has, and then slowly adjusting the painting as she work around the canvas, developing it as a whole.

Sally lives and works in Cornwall where she has been based since 2003.  She has exhibited work with ON Group at Rock in 2015, St Ives in 2016, and Lostwithiel 2017.

Her work has sold to private collectors, many being private commissions, in Australia, the USA, Switzerland, the EU as well as throughout the UK.

Representative Work

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