Robin Martin

Born in 1961 and raised a true Cornishman, Robin is based on the North Coast of Cornwall, working from his studio in Crantock or ‘Plein Air’ as time allows.
Robins Cornish heritage and upbringing has allowed him to totally immerse within the Cornish landscape and reflect upon the sights, sounds and spaces that the contrasting county of Cornwall has to offer.

A self-taught artist, his observations and experimentation have now been refined into his own inimitable style, while still nurturing his passion and obsession for art.
Working in abstracted ways Robin is able to express how a particular scene influences his senses in spontaneous, energetic and exciting ways.

Full of the enthusiasm and intensity Robin has for his art, his paintings perfectly capture the vibrant transient atmospheres created when natures organic forces combine to produce the staggeringly and breathtakingly scenery of our beautiful Cornwall.

A new name within in the art world, Robin has aready had great success exhibiting with
The Associate Members of Penwith Gallery, St Ives, along with Custom House Gallery, Porthleven and Beyond the Sea at Perranporth.
Needless to say, Robin is excited to be exhibiting alongside selected artists online with Cornish Galleries.
“This is me, this is my home and Cornwall amazes me!”