Margo Kirkwood

Margo has painted and drawn most of her life since early childhood.

Although punctuated by long breaks the looking and observing never ever stopped.
The late Henry Israel was an outstanding tutor in the 70s and taught her ‘to see’.

Margo paints from life as much as possible returning to her studio to push the work further. Though, often the swiftly executed pieces stand in their own right having captured a fleeting moment in time both visually and emotionally. Working in oil, acrylics and watercolours, Margo often uses torn papers and other texture-giving materials when a painting needs ‘shaking up’. This is very satisfying and allows her to move forward once again if the painting is not working at the desired level.

The image is then in a state of flux and this can often result in an exciting outcome.”My responses to the land and sea are based on being in the reality of nature; feeling the weather and physically being a part of the natural world. Then the important visual elements of colour and abstraction play a vital part in the final piece. As time progresses I am being drawn further and further towards abstraction, recent experiments in monotype have been an exciting addition to my work. I am always after an ethereal quality and if only one viewer connects with that I will have been successful.’