Knight Sherring

First came to Cornwall in 1972 where he did his BA.hons course at Falmouth Art School.

Eight years ago he found himself in a position that he was able to move back to Falmouth and spend his time as a full-time artist.

His work has always been about abstract art because he believes that abstract is the language that the artist uses when he creates his or her picture, no matter what style they work in.

In his studies he took abstract back to it’s roots to try and see if there was a way in which he could take his paintings in a new direction. When he was doing this he came to the conclusion that pattern plays an important part when trying to create emotions in a picture.

He concluded that people feel at home looking at patterns because we all turn our lives into patterns which we call routines, so if a person can see a pattern in a picture he believes that person can then relate to the picture. In a way you could say that the impressionist painters used pattern in their style of work but in a less obvious way than what he is trying to do.

Knight Sherring treats his work more like a science, where he can study the language of art and experiment with that language.