Jane Hagan

My paintings are full of little conversations created by the passages of curved lines and at the intersections where they cross. I feel these dialogues reflect the diverse journeys our lives take and the stories that arise from the people and things we encounter.

I am drawn to water and have spent a lot of time near, on or in the water as a sailor and scuba instructor. I have always enjoyed the freedom of movement that I have found in water and these ideas feed into my artwork as I make marks without design or intent, in a purely unconscious way, allowing the forms to emerge. Colour is applies in acrylic after a period of contemplation and forms a definitive part of the work.

Art provides an opportunity for a dialogue between the viewer and the artists work; I invite you to feel your way through the paintings and to take from them what you will. I do not give my work titles as I feel this would unduly influence the viewer. An idea forms in a far off place in my mind and stays there for a long time, sometimes creeping forward for attention and eventually it will appear almost fully formed needing to be realised.

I studied ceramics and glass using their unique processes; making, drying, firing and glazing this slow method was absorbing and immensely rewarding. In sharp contrast the canvas provides great freedom and immediacy; acrylic paints can be vibrant, colourful and energetic.

Quite simply I paint as an act of creativity.