Gemma Lessinger

Cornwall based artist Gemma Lessinger is mesmerized by the sea and her textured artworks are an ode to the wild, powerful, and healing properties of time spent by the ocean. Her aim in all she creates is to bring these beach memories to you in your home.

Gemma works constantly at being as sustainable as possible, focusing on re-purposing and up-cycling other people’s waste into her treasure. Her passion is to use her art to help protect what she loves, the ocean. She hopes her work helps people to see ways in which they can re-purpose their waste into art, saving it from ending up in the ocean and in landfill. Gemma turns your beach memories into something you can not only see but feel in your home.

With every sale Gemma donates to ocean conservation charity Surfers Against Sewage and Ecologi who help her plant a tree for every pound she donates. Gemma hopes to expand this support of charities over the coming year, to help her protect her focus of study and beautiful planet we live on.

Cornish Artist - Gemma Lessinger