Darren Paul Clarke

Biography Darren Paul Clarke was born in Oxford and then grew up in Wiltshire, inspired by the natural beauty of the historic landscape and locations like Stonehenge and Avebury as well as the ancient woodlands. Every chance he had he visited the coast and felt inspired by the crashing seas, the fresh salty air and the dramatic skies. After beginning his passion for painting quite late in life, at 32 , he found himself a couple of years later enrolling as a mature student at the Arts University in Bournemouth where he gained a BA (Hons) in Fine Art. He moved to Cornwall in 2012 and now lives and practices in St Ives, truly inspired by his surroundings and the famous amazing light.

Darren works mainly with Oil Paints, he attempts to communicate the relationship between Man and Nature…he says ‘I paint from within, the landscape inspires me and ignites my senses, the light ,the colour and the composition of what I see, feel and hear. The history and atmosphere of a location always influences the work I create, resulting in energetic and dramatic scenes rich in texture and colour. The relationship between Mankind and Nature is important, how we affect the world around us and then in turn how it affects us back and then our counter reaction to that.’

Darren has exhibited at the Galleria in St Ives, The Stowe Gallery of Fine Art in St Ives and a number of High Street Stores around Cornwall as well numerous other locations in the last few years. He has exhibitions planned for for the future in St Ives at the Crypt Gallery and more.

Darren has also run art workshops for autistic and vulnerable adults for the last 10 years in Dorset and Cornwall.