Chloe Elliott

Chloe’s style is vibrant, energetic and multi-textured. “My aim is to capture the moment, freezing time for a split-second. This can mean stopping a wave at the time of it’s break, or halting an ocean full of surfers poised, waiting for that next big swell to come through.”

Chloe’s imagery doesn’t just come from imagination either, her work derives from experiences she has had as a keen surfer, swimmer and outdoor-dweller. She uses the feelings provoked by what she can see to produce an emotional, as well as physical, representation of the moment.

Her latest series puts a primary focus on the study of texture and colour composition. “I find it so captivating the way paint ages and surfaces become distressed over time. The climate hugely affects the way art develops over time and I like to observe such environmental changes, before trying to re-create the effects myself.”