Carole Cox

Carole is artist and sheep farmer, who cares about everything in nature, where she uses the natural landscapes and wildlife as inspiration for her individual work.

In a fusion of East meets Western styles, she creates dynamic paintings using watercolours and Chinese Brush Paintings techniques.

Carole loves painting in a sumie style where the energy or chi of the subject is the most important element of the painting. Inspired greatly by Asian ink paintings and a love of feeling brushstrokes on rice paper, while portraying the spirit of animals, trees or landscapes, Carole’s style has developed and changed into a unique interpretation of the natural world.

Carole trained as a Scientific Illustrator and Graphic Designer at Falmouth School of Art and went on to work as Regional Designer at BBC South West.

Carole is now focusing her energy on caring for the natural environment and representing this deep love in her work.

Representative Work


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