Adding Giclee Prints

Fine Art Giclee Prints

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In addition to original work, we will be offering limited-edition fine art museum quality Giclée prints on Hahnemühle archival papers.

This approach will address two issues:

  • International shipping and unpredictable customs problems that often resulted in clients having to engage directly in complicated form filing and incurring additional costs while we watched on unable to assist.
  • Accessibility – providing affordable and convenient access to contemporary art without undervaluing original work.

Each will be available in a single size with a choice of framing options and will be digitally signed by the artist with an edition number and includes information on the artist and certificate of authenticity.

Orders from outside the UK will be fulfilled in their country of origin making it far simpler to ship internationally and retail pricing will make them an attractive interstitial step towards purchasing original work for those unsure about doing so.

We take care of everything – production, framing, shipping – so this will effectively create a, rigorously quality controlled, passive income for artists.

Cornish Galleries’ fine art giclée prints are Limited Editions of the original work of contemporary Cornish artists. Our museum quality giclée prints on Hahnemühle archival papers benefit from brilliant colours, deep blacks, striking contrasts and perfect reproduction of detail and meet the most exacting requirements for age resistance.

Our printing process is 100% end-to-end carbon neutral. This means that energy usage is minimised suppliers of renewable energy are used whenever possible. Where unavoidable, all carbon emissions are offset.

Limited edition giclée fine art prints are available framed and ready to hang or unframed and rolled.

Adding Giclée Prints with our photography service

When it comes to fine art printing, the quality and resolution of the image you provide sets the standard – and size matters. You will not be able to create these with a phone camera – you will need to have the original work properly lit and photographed with a good camera (20MP+ sensor) if we are to reproduce detail and colour faithfully.

Professional image preparation service

Because of the large image format and post production requirements we are offering an option to have your original work professionally photographed and prepared for the giclee process.

This costs £20 per work which is deducted from your first sale. The image file we produce is yours to use as you please, we get an professional quality image to print and you pay nothing up front!

If you wish to use this service, simply contact us and arrange to drop the original off to us and collect it again in seven days.

We take care of everything and get your approval of the final image before listing your prints.

Do It Yourself

If you have the appropriate equipment and knowledge you may produce your own images for printing and add listings through the Artists’ Dashboard.

Please refer to the Image Requirements below to ensure that the photography, resolution and format you provide complies with the standards required for giclee printing.

Because of the very large file sizes involved, adding your own giclee print listings is a two step process.

First: Add your listing through the Dashboard

Click on Add Original Art to open the form.

Complete the form and add images for your listing to it (please follow the guidelines below).

Once you have submitted it, we will review and activate your listing.

Cg Dash Manage Giclee

Finally: Send us your image file.

Giclee printing requires high resolution / very large files. These will be too big to email, so we have a dedicated page at for transferring them to us a quickly and easily as possible. Alternatively, you may pop a USB stick in the post!

Transfer your print files to us here:

Image Production Guidelines

Resolution: A resolution of at least 300 PPI (pixels per inch) at the intended print size is required to ensure that the image retains its sharpness and detail when printed. Although there will be some variation, depending on the work, an image for an A3 print (297 x 420 mm) at 300 dpi will be around 3500 x 4950 pixels and 20MB in size.

File Format: Images should be provided as lossless TIF or RAW files.

Colour Space: Use the standard Adobe 1998 RGB profile. Avoid using the standard sRGB colour space, which has a more limited colour range.

Photographing your work

You’ll want to spend some time setting up your artwork, finding the right light and position so you can capture your artwork so that it looks true to form in the image.

Use a tripod and a remote shutter release or timer to eliminate any movement blur.

The alignment of the camera and artwork is crucial to taking a successful image, make sure there is no distortion and that the artwork fits into view so no parts are cut out.

Camera settings

Next, you want to adjust your camera settings to capture the art. The camera should be shooting in its RAW format.

Then you will need to adjust the exposure and colour balance on your camera. It will be a case of pointing the camera at your artwork and altering the settings until the image that appears on the screen looks true to form.

A good place to start with the manual settings is a relatively high f-stop value. Try shooting with f8 aperture and gradually increasing or decreasing if you need to. This gives the image a wide depth of field. Then you can set your camera to having a high shutter speed and white balance to the settings that actually represents the art in front of you the best.

Again, please ensure that the entire work is in shot and don’t worry if it doesn’t quite fill the full frame, we will take care of cropping, colour space and output format in post-production.

Rights and Licensing

If you’re using photographs taken by someone else, ensure you have the necessary rights and licenses to reproduce and print those images.

Image sizes

Here’s a visual guide to the size of photographic image required to reproduce various final print sizes acceptably.

Resolution Reference
Resolution Reference Key